Passionate about mentoring the next generation

Our ministry is a doorway to action and adventure for young people in more than 90 nations of the world. We seek to develop the total person for Christ-spiritually, physically, mentally, and socially by providing exciting opportunities for boys and girls, in co-educational nations, to discover a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.

This life-changing ministry is one of the world’s largest and foremost Christian adventure-based mentoring programs. Royal Rangers is growing and discipling more than 225,000 young people each week.

Rangers continues to grow exponentially

Since the start of RRI in 2002, the number of nations with RRI has nearly doubled. We believe this is just the start! God is positioning Royal Rangers for unprecedented global growth in the years ahead.

To this end, we are resourcing Royal Rangers ministries all around the world to be the premier, most sought-after church ministry to mentor the next generation, offering Christlike character formation and servant leadership development.

The most exciting thing is seeing mature national churches with established programs taking the lead, helping other nations start Royal Rangers after the pattern we've set. One example is how Singapore is currently helping launch the Philippines program.

“Royal Rangers accomplishes three things,” missionary Doug Marsh, RRI director, explains. “We do activities that build relationships, we have Bible studies that help them learn what it is to be a godly man, and we provide resources to help them develop as leaders. But ultimately, discipleship and leadership development really make Rangers what it is.”

In 2002, Royal Rangers International was launched as an outreach to youth worldwide. Since then, the ministry has grown to 7,115 outposts in 87 countries. More than 250,000 Rangers from ages 5 to 17 attend. Two-thirds of the international groups are open to both boys and girls.

Royal Rangers International is creating inroads into areas where no witness of Christ existed. “There are so many requests for Royal Rangers in Eurasia that we don’t have the manpower to fill them,” says John Wilson, missionary to Russia.

A Royal Rangers leader in Ukraine goes regularly to a young men’s prison to share the gospel with 15- and 16-year-old inmates. Other leaders hold outreaches in remote villages, orphanages, schools and a home for children with special needs.

Members of a newly formed outpost in the heart of Mongolia travel to remote, outlying areas to host activities with children. Since camping and outdoors skills are a part of everyday life in Mongolia, Royal Rangers leaders use technology as an attention-grabbing activity by offering children computer training.

“Churches in Eurasia desperately need children’s ministries,” says Mark Broberg, Eurasia Royal Rangers coordinator. “But Royal Rangers International is beginning to change that. Pastors are beginning to see the benefit of investing in tomorrow’s leaders through this ministry. It’s not by laws or politics that we truly change a nation. It’s in the hearts of boys and girls.”