Passionate about telling His story to unreached oral learners

We have been reaching out to oral learners for more than 30 years, using various innovative means to spread the Gospel and make disciples. Over 100 million people across five continents have been exposed to the Gospel or discipled through our efforts and partnerships.

One third of the world cannot read the language they speak. Another third of the world chooses to learn through non-written methods. Together, two thirds of the world; 4 billion people are oral learners.

Reaching oral cultures with the message of Jesus

Oral Learners Bible Institute (olBi) is Bible school training for the illiterate and people of traditionally oral cultures—people who are oral learners. Bible lessons, presented in story via video, are put on SD cards to be played on individual’s cell phones.

OlBi is not meant to replace literacy or a Bible college education. Rather, it is a bridge for the illiterate to be trained to plant and pastor churches within their communities. Instead of requiring them to first learn to read and write, olBi equips them with basic knowledge of the Bible and theology so they can begin to minister to other oral learners and plant churches as people come to Christ.

Video lessons written by our OLI team have been produced in the Tamil, Gujarati, and Hindi languages, by local Indian speakers, and are being used in a unique evangelism effort among Indian Hindus.

After a native pastor-evangelist was chased out of a Hindu stronghold in India, he took the olBi Bible course into the area and set up five small groups who used the video lessons on their phones. Over 100 Hindus watched the lessons. Forty of them became believers and now travel to attend church.

OLI is now taking the Oral Learners Bible Institute to the Swahili speaking nations of Africa.