Passionate about reaching Muslim peoples everywhere —
every Muslim must know the truth about Jesus

Our mission is to equip and mobilize the Church to reach Muslims everywhere. We work in the areas of intercession, training, research, and mobilization to fulfill this mission by enlisting believers as intercessors, encouraging an understanding of Islam, and equipping Christians to provide a culturally sensitive witness, training people to disciple believers with a Muslim background, and assisting in planting churches among Muslims.

The spread of Islam in Africa is an opportunity!

“We have lived among [Muslims] for all these years and never knew how to talk with them. I am at peace and not afraid, now that I understand better.”

This response came to us from a woman in South Africa after she completed our Global Initiative training in that nation. She tells us that some of her cousins have married Muslims, and as a result of the training the Holy Spirit has changed her attitude towards them. Now she has a desire to reach these family members with Christ’s love.

The “belt of Islam” was once thought to expand from the Middle East westward toward North Africa and eastward toward Indonesia. But Global Initiative and other missions organizations have discovered that this global diaspora has placed Muslims nearly everywhere.

South Africa has a growing presence of Muslims, and the national church is spiritually preparing for this influx of Muslims. Global Initiative continues to be used in equipping national churches like this to evangelize the Muslims that dwell in their communities. There will never be enough missionaries to reach all Muslims. That is why it is critical that we continue to train national churches to reach the Muslims in their areas.

Our training goes beyond informing and preparing workers to evangelize. We see the Holy Spirit transforming Christians’ hearts and attitudes toward Muslims. One group of students who participated and were challenged in a Global Initiative training session in South Africa declared, “We will approach them [Muslims] with love and understanding.”