Using Google to share God’s salvation in France

A man from La Havre, France, googled his life issue and viewed our Journey Answers’ segment on Depression ( He then wrote us, “[Pray] that God would take me out of depression.”

Missionary David Porter, the Network211 Director of French Outreach, responded with this to the man:

“You have to look for help. Do not stay alone in your battle because depression is very difficult to fight alone. If you wish, it is possible that I know a pastor in your area who can encourage you. If you wish, tell me in which region you live and I will see if I know anyone from the corner. We pray for you.”

The man responded by providing David with his phone number. La Havre is a coastal town on the English Channel, about 120 miles northwest of Paris. David contacted an AG pastor in La Havre. The pastor telephoned the man and invited him to a meeting. The pastor then wrote us to tell the rest of the story:

“I got (name withheld) on the phone. Being on a mission in the Calvados, I nevertheless invited him to come to the evangelistic meeting in our assembly (in Le Havre) on Friday or Sunday afternoon. I told him that I would not be there because I was away. My wife noticed a new face (in the service). She went towards this man, and it was the man himself. God be praised! He went home with my book, Jesus, This Famous Unknown, and he said he would return. He lives in the neighborhood. It only remains for us to pray for his salvation. He is in a deep depression. But Jesus heals the broken hearts again. Thanks for the communication. May God bless you according to the richness of his grace. With my brother, Shalom!”

A simple Google search led a man in severe depression to hear the good news of Jesus Christ and then be led to a loving Christian community that will journey with him.

Would you stop right now and take a minute to pray for this man? Pray that he will accept the love of Christ and allow Him to bring complete healing to his heart and mind.


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